• I was in charge of creating the sound effects, main song, and audio assets creation. Everything was acoustically recorded, the sound effects were an edited mix of several different sounds from common objects and noises made by myself; the music was a recording of guitar and simple percussion instruments.

  • Within this project I developed the sound effects, ambient track and voice-overs. I recorded the voice-overs myself and then used libraries and samples to create sound designs for 4 enemy sounds, shooting/abilities sounds for the 4 enemies and the player, underwater ambience, footsteps and jump sounds.

  • I contributed both sound effects and ambient sounds (footsteps, abilities, jumping sounds, etc.). There are four different SFX related to each of the nature seasons portrayed and the ritual being played at that time. The ambient track represents every different season and was fundamental for game immensity.

  • A collection of music productions with different musicians. I did a variation of recording, editing, mixing and some mastering. These are mainly acoustic recordings with several microphone techniques in a studio (Using SSL 4000 G+ and Neve Legend VR mixing desks).

  • This is a project that didn’t go further but was an enjoyable experience and a good creative result, recording 3 different voice-overs for male and female characters. Part of the Voice-overs were acted by myself and I also did the recording, editing and mixing.

  • 2 projects from university that were enjoyable to create and made a good result. I created everything from scratch. Project 1: I translated the images from a comic to a sound story. Project 2: I created a small radio edit promo.

About Me

After working in IT for Hewlett Packard, IBM and BNP Paribas, I’ve decided to follow my passion for sound engineering. Originally I am from Argentina, in 2010 I decided to move to Europe to study audio production.

I graduated with a BSc in Audio Production from SAE Institute London in 2016. My skills include studio recording, mixing, sound design, microphone techniques and editing with Pro-tools.

My focus is in the video game industry, producing voice-overs, sound design and foley, but I am interested in going into film work and composing.

. . . . .

I believe everyone has something to offer to the world. We are all students and teachers regardless of gender, age, beliefs or any cultural/ethnic differences.

I strongly believe in building a better world and I try to give my best always and to build a healthy work environment with the people that surround me.

Designing, performing foley and editing of previously composed or recorded audio, such as sound effects and dialogue creating auditory elements.

Audio solutions for video games, from sound design to music, Foley, voice-over, field recordings, asset creation and audio implementation using Wwise or Fmod.

Recording, editing and mixing original voice-overs, asynchronous or synchronous (by myself as VO Actor or recording other artist/s).

Original music composition for video games, film soundtracks, commercials, apps, trailers, or any other artistic production.

Recording, editing, mixing, field recording and reinforcement or cleaning of materials already recorded. Everything from pre-production to the final product.

Audio editing, dialogue synchronisation, Sound design, sound effects, ADR (additional dialogue replacement), foley, re-recording, and editing the soundtrack.

For any enquiries, business proposals or presentations please contact me.

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